Artist in Residence @ Berwick Academy~February 2015

After spending a delightful week+ teaching various forms of felting at Berwick Academy in So. Berwick, Maine, extended by snow days and delayed openings, my show Felted Friends is opened(to the public during school hours) at the Jackson Library Gallery February 17- April 17, 2015 with an artist reception February 26, 2015 4:30-5:30. THe colorful show showcases my work and the wonderful creations of my students. During my time as Artist in Residence, I worked with 91 students. 4th Grade created colorful wet felted tiles(in an hour!), 5th Grade created individual parts of expansive seascapes. High School Metals created felted components and cold connected metal pieces. Honors Studio Art needle felted some impressive birds and AP Art took a break from their rigorous concentrations to create unique wet felted “paintings”. It was an honor and pleasure to be welcomed into the community for my stay.

Jackson Library Gallery, Berwick Academy

4th Grade “Quilt”

5th Grade Seascape

Giraffe Jennifer Field Studios 2015

Woodland Creatures and The Conversation Jennifer Field Studios 2015