To create felted wool I use a combination of wet and needle felting techniques. To Wet felt I use a variety of wool fleeces + hot water + olive oil soap and a lot of elbow grease. Needle felted wool is achieved with multiple pokes with special barbed needles. Both techniques lock the fibers together creating an incredibly durable yet soft form.

Lampworked Glass beads are created by melting glass in a torch and forming sculptural shapes and beads. All glass pieces are annealed; soaked and cooled slowly in a kiln overnight.

Enameled copper components are created by hammer forming sheet copper, coating it with multiple layers of fine powdered glass and firing it in a 1500 degree kiln.

Lost wax casting involves carving a wax original , adding wax sprues, investing in high temperature plaster, burning out wax in a kiln and replacing it with silver or bronze using a centrifugal casting machine.

Forging/forming copper involves heating copper till cherry red, quenching in water, hammering until hard, reheating, quenching and hammering until a pleasing hollow form is achieved.